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Receiver Armrst Seat Saddle

This part is #4 in the below illustration.

Sunrise Medical
(Model No. 550047)
  • Compatibility

    Receiver Armrst Seat Saddle is compatible with…

    Sunrise Medical


  • Overview


    Overview of the Receiver Armrst Seat Saddle

    Receiver Armrst Seat Saddle
  • Warranty

    Warranty Information for the Receiver Armrst Seat Saddle

    All parts are warranted under the same warranty policy of the complete product. Product warranties can be found in the owner's manual or online at www.sunrisemedical.com.

    • If a part is replaced under warranty, the replacement part's new warranty will be the greater of the original item's remaining warranty period or 6 months.
    • Example: If a motor (1 year warranty) was replaced after 9 months of use the new warranty would be 6 months.
      • If an item is replaced outside of the warranty that items new warranty shall be 6 months, unless stated as a no warranty component (such as wearable's, ex: upholstery, pads, etc.).

    Sunrise Medical will honor all warranties stated in the products owner’s manual at date of sale.


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