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Z2 X-tube Assembly 16"

This part is #1,3E-17 in the below illustration.

Sunrise Medical
(Model No. 671105)
  • Overview


    Overview of the Z2 X-tube Assembly 16"

    16" Wide
  • Compatibility

    Z2 X-tube Assembly 16" is compatible with…

    Sunrise Medical



  • Warranty

    Warranty Information for the Z2 X-tube Assembly 16"

    All parts are warranted under the same warranty policy of the complete product. Product warranties can be found in the owner's manual or online at www.sunrisemedical.com.

    • If a part is replaced under warranty, the replacement part's new warranty will be the greater of the original item's remaining warranty period or 6 months.
    • Example: If a motor (1 year warranty) was replaced after 9 months of use the new warranty would be 6 months.
      • If an item is replaced outside of the warranty that items new warranty shall be 6 months, unless stated as a no warranty component (such as wearable's, ex: upholstery, pads, etc.).

    Sunrise Medical will honor all warranties stated in the products owner’s manual at date of sale.


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